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Université Paris-Dauphine setting up in London




Université Paris-Dauphine launches its Bachelor in Economics and Management in London in September 2014.
A group of 30 students with international backgrounds will be following Dauphine’s multidisciplinary Bachelor program in the heart of London. Courses will be given in French and English. Its excellence academic standards and close links with London’s academic and business world make this program particularly attractive.
“The Global Bachelor Dauphine in London offers French excellence teaching in a multilingual, international environment”, explains Laurent Batsch, president of Université Paris-Dauphine.
Why is Dauphine setting up in London?
London is a particularly attractive place for Dauphine’s program: there are at least 300.000 French citizens, numerous Dauphine Alumni and vibrant business sectors close to Dauphine’s core disciplines Economics, Management and Finance.
Dauphine students in London will take advantage of this stimulating, multicultural environment. Students will get an inside view of British higher education, thanks to local professors and close cooperation with Dauphine London based Alumni. Contacts with London’s business and finance sectors are an additional advantage for this program.
The UK is on demand as a popular English-speaking country for French student mobility, while France is the first European destination for British students. The relocated Dauphine program in London offers a new possibility to British students to join French higher education and an innovative study opportunity to French and international students in the UK

What are the specificities of Dauphine’s program in London?
Dauphine is proud of its top quality Bachelor program and demanding teaching methods. 
Dauphine’s London students will have a work load of 20 course hours per week: equivalent to the program in Paris. They will be part of a small, international and highly selected group of students. Their different backgrounds will stimulate creativity in class. Innovative teaching methods and targeted tutoring will be offered thanks to locally recruited professors and a permanent, direct contact between them and the students.
As in Paris, the Global Bachelor Dauphine in London will combine high academic standards with practical learning in Economics and Management.

Who are the Dauphine students in London? What are the links between the London program and the main campus of Dauphine in Paris?
Approximately a hundred international candidates have applied for the Global Bachelor Dauphine in London in 2014. After a strict selection process, identical to the Paris process, students from more than 10 countries and 4 continents will represent 50% of the first year cohort. 50% of students will be coming from France.
Dauphine’s London students will have multiple contacts with the Paris campus: common activities with Dauphine’s students clubs, access to electronic teaching material, shared tutoring with Paris students and access to Dauphine’s electronic library.
In London, courses will be given in a newly renovated, well-equipped classroom at the Institut Français (IFRU) in South Kensington. Sports facilities will be available at a partner university in London. Students have free access to the IFRU’s mediateque.
Would you like to get involved?
Dauphine is actively developing its academic and business contacts for the Global Bachelor Dauphine in London.
We need you to
  • Offer an inside view of London’s business and finance sectors to our students,
  • Teach in the London program (new possibilities in 2015)
  • Support events organized by Dauphine students and alumni in London
Please contact us: dauphinelondres@dauphine.fr or register here.
For more information:
Please click here to be kept up to date about the program and Dauphine’s events in London or visit our dedicated website.

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