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Yannick Perez was born in 1971 and took his Master's degree and PhD in economics at University La Sorbonne in France. He became assistant professor at University de Cergy (2000-2003) and tenured associate professor of Economics at University Paris-Sud (since 2003). Since October 2008, he is chief economic advisor of the Loyola de Palacio Chair on European Energy Policy at the European University Institute. Since September 2011, he is also associated Professor of Economics in CentraleSupélec, France. In February 2012, he joined the Armand Peugeot research chair on Electromobility as Senior Research Fellow.

My research interest is on Market Design. Over the past two decades, economic research and ideas have played an increased role in the practical organization and design of markets. Some examples include auctions for spectrum, electricity and other commodities; tradable permit systems for pollution abatement and other environmental regulations… In each of these cases, both theory and empirical and experimental research have influenced the design of market institutions. "Market design" examines the reasons why markets institutions fail and considers the properties of alternative mechanisms, in terms of efficiency, fairness, incentives, and complexity. Research on market design is influenced by ideas from industrial organization and microeconomic theory; it brings together theoretical, empirical, and experimental methods, with an aim of studying policy-relevant tradeoffs with practical consequences.

Since the last 15 years Yannick Perez has published more than 50 articles and book chapter in Energy related topics including contribution in Energy Policy, Ecological Economics and Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review among others.

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HDR en Sciences Economiques


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  • Market Design dans le secteur de l'énergie ; Réformes électriques ; Energies Renouvelables ; Voitures Electriques connectées