Jean-Marie GUEROUT

Directeur général de PME ou centre de profits dans les services


As a CEO and BU director of newspapers together with their websites and mobile applications, I have been an actor of the digital transformation of the media industry both internally with the restructuring of our businesses and externally with many M&A operations.

I have developped the following skills:
- BU management with full responsibility on the p&l and the strategy with a strong background in Finance and HR
- Digital transformation of traditional business
- Expert in business development through internal and external growth
- Ability to federate teams in challenging environments
- Restructuring and cost-cutting

I am interested in :
- a BU management position in a corporation expanding in the content industry : Media, Publishing, Internet, Education and Corporate Services Sector
- a CEO position in a smaller company (in which I am ready to invest financially) in the same industries

Parcours officiels

MAGISTERE Sciences de Gestion
MAITRISE Sciences de Gestion